About Us

The original Chumbuddy design was an idea born from the creative mind of artist Kendra Philips, a marine life enthusiast. Feeling strongly that sharks are poor victims of both media sensationalism and inhumane fishing practices, Kendra used a college course assignment to present the primitive creature in a softer friendlier tone.  After two weeks of finger numbing sewing and a sea of plush stuffing, the 7ft 30lb Chumbuddy was born.  The cute prototype was an instant hit on the forums and quickly picked up in a toy contest by PatchTogether, a product-on-demand company.  Initially meant to function more like a body pillow and cuddly plush, Chumbuddy has now transformed into a fully functional sleeping bag thanks to great user support and feedback.  The continual success of  Chumbuddy has afforded us the delightful opportunity to further expand this fun product line.  First up is our new Chumbbudy Jr Kids shark sleeping bag edition for the more space-conscious users.  Later the year, alligators and orcas also join the Chumbuddy family.